We believe that Christian education ministers not just to the academic needs of the child, but also to their spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs.

In order to provide students with a complete, well-rounded program, St. Paul Lutheran School believes that athletics are an important tool in teaching children to make use of their God-given talents, skills, and abilities. Considering time, facilities, and coaches, we strive to provide the opportunity for our students to pursue athletic activities. Full utilization and development of God-given talents and a positive Christian attitude remain the motivation for our athletic program.

Sports Offered for 4th – 8th Grade
  • Soccer – Coed

  • Basketball – Girls and Boys

  • Volleyball – Girls and Boys

  • Cheerleading

  • Mini Cheer - 1st - 3rd Grade

Below sports are offered with a partnership with St. Edmond Catholic School for grades 7th – 8th

  • Volleyball (Fall Season)

  • Track – Girls and Boys 

  • Football - Boys