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Transfer Students

St. Paul Lutheran School accepts transfer students at the beginning of the year and, in most cases, throughout the school year. Obviously, in the case of transfer students we want to make every effort to ensure their success. Because of this, we ask that all transfer students and parents go through an Education Success Consultation with the principal. This meeting will help determine how we can best help the student during this transitional time. It may be determined that individual students may need additional support as they begin a new school.  We also want students to adjust socially to their new school. Every effort will be made to include them in student body activities, both as a participant and as a spectator. We feel that involvement with their fellow classmates is essential. We will make every effort to encourage them to become a part of our “Saints” family. If you are thinking about transferring your student to St. Paul Lutheran School, please remember, the earlier the better. Educational foundations and habits are laid early on in a student’s career. We also want to reach out to the student’s family and give them every opportunity to become involved with our school. New parents will be contacted by current parents and invited to attend various activities and events. Our parent group, PTB welcome and encourage new parents to get involved with their new school.

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