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Want to be more involved?  Consider becoming a Volunteer today!

We encourage parents and community members to volunteer at St Paul. You may want to help with a special activity, to direct a small group project, or to assist the teacher with various classroom responsibilities. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer time, please call our office at (515) 955-7208 or email us

Parent Teacher Boosters (PTB) is a support organization of the school. Its main purpose is to provide opportunity for closer cooperation between the home and school. All parents are encouraged to become active members of the organization. All teachers are participating members.

PTB At A Glance:


What is PTB?


The PTB is made up of St. Paul Lutheran School parents, teachers and staff members whose aim it is to collectively build community, enhance communications, and utilize volunteers to positively impact and promote St. Paul Lutheran School’s mission & goals.

Who are the members of the PTB?


Parents of all children enrolled at St. Paul Lutheran School are able to be a member of the Parent-Teacher Boosters.  All parents are urged to attend our monthly meetings and be involved in school events. By being involved with the Boosters, parents demonstrate that they are interested in their children’s education and in making their school the best that it can be!


What does PTB do?


  • PTB offers a wide range of opportunities for parents, teachers, staff, board members, and administrators to partner together in social and educational activities that foster positive relationships and outcomes that greatly benefit the school and the community.

  • PTB provides financial support to the school through fund raising activities to purchase non-budgeted items.  These items positively impact and enhance the intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual growth of both students and the larger community.

  • PTB, acting as servants of Christ, and strives to make St. Paul Lutheran School the best school that it can be, a witness for Christ in the community, and a blessing to all.

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